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Reblog this and see what you get anon or not.

  • ♂ = i am a boy who has a crush on you

  • ♀ = i am a girl who has a crush on you

  • ✂ = just delete your tumblr already

  • ✌ = you’re awesome

  • ♡ = i love your blog

  • ❁ = you’re beautiful

  • ✓ = i hate you

  • ☹ = you’re ugly

  • ☀ = i want to have sex with you

  • ♬ = i wish we were close

  • ♧ = i wish we were friends in real life

  • ☆ = i relate to a lot of the same things you go through

  • ☮ = you inspire me

  • just because i'm curious and bored.


Please reblog if you are a girl and have ever been made to feel ashamed of one or more of these things (wanting to prove a point to some asshole):

-your weight

-your clothing choice

-your amount of make up

-having sex

-not having sex

-breast size

-having your period

-saying no

-not appreciating catcalls 


-body hair


what’s the point of being a fan if you’re not a critical one? what’s the point of absorbing media without the intention of analyzing it? i don’t understand why some people wholeheartedly defend their faves’ flaws and shortcomings, when pointing out and not supporting your faves’ problematic aspects DOES NOT MAKE YOU ANY LESS OF A FAN BUT MAKES YOU AN ENGAGED AND AWARE CONSUMER






I didn’t know there were twenty thousand vegans on tumblr!!!

You can be against animal cruelty and not be a vegan

You can be against animal cruelty and not be a vegan

Also given the fact some vegans wilfully neglect their pet’s diet for personal belief reasons you can in fact be a vegan and be ok with animal cruelty when its convenient for you.

^^^^ Reblogging especially for that last comment.

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